How to properly dosage CBD Oil for best results

Determining the right dosage of CBD oil for optimum results is a complex task. So far FDA has not issued Recommended Daily Intake (RDI), meaning official recommended serving size is nonexistent.

This topic is even more troubling when we shed a light on unanswered question whether CBD oil is simply a food supplement or a new drug medicine.

Complexity of choosing the right dosage is further challenged depending on what kind of product we are talking about: oil, tincture, capsules, edibles etc.

In this article we’ll try to tackle the subject of what goes into deciding the right dosage, what is the best way to approach it and why you should not rely on recommendations from your friends.

How to understand your individual needs for CBD oil

Given the novelty of CBD oil market, if there is one rule of thumb to rely on is to start low and slow and keep adjusting. When it comes to natural remedies its common knowledge that the symptoms might worsen at first although not necessarily.

One of the most common side effects of CBD oil is drowsiness. It usually goes away but when you first start using the oil you should avoid operating heavy machinery. It is also important to note that every body is different so dosages can vary between two individuals with same ailments.

Factors to consider:

• Body weight of the individual
• Concentration of CBD in a product
• The severity of the condition being treated

Your individual needs are unique, try to be patient and observant. Trial and error is inevitable, but the following might help you figure out where to start

Concentration of CBD oil

Most products currently available on the market specify the concentration of CBD in terms of percentage. Higher percentage of CBD in a product might have a more intense effect but it is not recommended you start with a high concentration.

CBD oil allows for a quick relief via sublingual application, this way CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream quickly and efficiently. Another reason why this method is popular is because it is easy to measure the dosage which leads to certain consistency.

Another really good way to make sure you can control the amount of CBD consumed are capsules. CBD capsules contain an exact amount of CBD which might just make them the best choice to accurately dosage your CBD intake. They are convenient and come in different packages when it comes to amount of milligrams in each capsule.

Other ways of CBD intake like gummies, topical, vapes are much harder to dosage but this in no way means they could not be your personal choice and could really work for you. Remember, patience is key and listening to your body goes a long way.

Who can help you with CBD oil dosage?

More and more physicians are getting familiar with CBD oil usages and can provide a lot of help when choosing the right dose for you. Talking to friends or other CBD users could be handy and their experiences might aid your decision to try out CBD oil but as mentioned earlier dosage is very individual so take those recommendations with a grain of salt.

Traditional drugs prescribed for serious medical issues often have devastating side effects producing a domino effect of more prescribed drugs to cure the side effects swooping a person in a vicious cycle of pain and relief. No wonder interest for natural remedies is higher than ever and side effects of natural remedies seem little to none compare to synthetic drugs.

Benefits of CBD oil will continue to spark interest and thus force traditional medical approach to better understand its effects and best way to dosage appropriately.

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