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Best CBD Gummies & Edibles – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

CBD oils and related products are fast catching on to people from different walks of life. Initially confined to a few enthusiasts, CBD oils are growing in demand and popularity across ages and boundaries.

Given their popularity, it comes as no surprise that newer ways of consuming them are also emerging. One of the alternative ways to consume CBD oils is by taking them orally.

These products are CBD edibles, which are more commonly called ‘gummies.’ Gummies are more convenient to carry around and consume as you go about your day. Most of them contain up to 30 mg of CBD.

Best CBD Gummies

This means they give a mellower and calmer effect as they are consumed. The market today is flooded with a variety of CBD gummies, and it can become confusing when you try to narrow down to a product.

So here’s an assessment of the two best CBD gummies that are available out there!

1.   CBDistillery

CBDistillery gummies stand out from the competition because of their rich flavour that adds an extra bit to their products. With a mixture of white grape and cane juice, these gummies are popular among a wide range of consumers. The flavours can negate the bitter-taste that often lingers when CBD gummies are swallowed. As far as the potency is concerned, users generally describe the taste as mild or medium.

Their gummies come in mainly two varieties. One is the regular CBD gummy which can be taken at any time of the day. They contain 30 mg of CBD concentrate. This one is an ideal choice if your workplace or environment requires you to undergo random drug tests.

The other is the night-time CBD gummy that also comes in a 30 mg concentrate, which includes an additional 2 mg of melatonin to aid in sleeping.

Both varieties are extracted from plants with zero genetic modification (completely organic), and they’re both vegan-friendly. CBDistillery offers the most competitive prices among similar CBD oils in the market. So, you can rest assured that you get the quality CBD product that is value for money.

2.   Fab CBD

FabCBD gummies are entirely organic and natural. Also, they are vegan, and they hit your tongue with a subtle fruity taste. FabCBD’s gummies have concentrates that are extracted from black currant, pumpkin, and apple, which give you an additional layer of flavour.

Their plants are all grown without any genetic modification or other chemical treatment. This makes their Hemp concentrates wholly organic and natural.

Their gummies hold less concentration of CBD compared to CBDistillery oils. They contain around 25mg of CBD, making them milder and more suited for beginners. They are also an excellent CBD option for those who weigh less than 135 pounds since you have to regulate the intake according to body mass and weight.

A FabCBD gummy can comes with 30 gummy bears inside, and they’re very reasonably priced. Also, if you visit the FabCBD website, you can check out the lab tests and results that are carried out on all their CBD products and gummies.

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