5 Ways CBD can help boost your fitness results

CBD has taken health and fitness industry by the storm. Users are searching ways to benefit from CBD oil and related products. This astounding compound of cannabis plant has been linked with some amazing benefits with the most staggering ones being in the field of medicine. Claims supporting CBD affects serious health issues like epilepsy, MS and cancer have gained a lot of attention.

But what can CBD do for an average fitness junkie, someone who’s not suffering from any ailments but is only looking to improve and boost performance. CBDs properties have been recognized amongst athletes and fitness enthusiasts for some time now so let’s take a closer look at what CBD can do for stamina and performance.

Using CBD to achieve fitness goals

Many questions arise when we think about introducing such a supplement into a fitness regimen, one of first being is it legal? CBD is one of 113 compounds of cannabis plant and at the mention of Cannabis one cannot help but think THC, a well known but notorious compound of Cannabis that is also illegal amongst athletes.

We must differentiate CBD and THC as two very different things and understand that the majority of CBD products present at the market today contain less than 0,03% of THC – meaning this products cannot and will not make you “high”. What they can do however is affect your body in many beneficial ways that could help you improves your performance and also recuperate faster after a strenuous workout.

Ways to boost your fitness and recovery results with CBD

  • Workout recovery

When it comes to good workout routine every fitness enthusiast knows how important rest days are and what recovery means for the body. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and can help muscle recovery and better sleep which is crucial in the recuperating process. CBD can help you relax and achieve better results when for example using foam roller for that deep muscle tissue massage.

CBD infused gummies, CBD enhanced protein powder, CBD infused drinks or straight up pure CBD oil under tongue, there is no lack when it comes to the variety of products available to try out there. Finding what suits you is another thing. As the research in this field is still limited make sure you only use CBD from credible sources.

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  • Stress relief

Alleviating anxiety is on of the most common uses of CBD today. Benefits of CBD on stress and anxiety are undeniable. CBD affects individuals endocannabinoid system; a system in charge of body homeostasis in a natural way helping ease anxiety and stress. This can come handy on “game day” or any other high stress performance day.

Athletes looking for a natural stress reliever might be pleasantly surprised with potential CBD affects.

Pre and post workout CBD oil supplements can balance cortisol levels to let you optimize results from your workout time.
  • Relieving chronic pain

Chronic pain and injury are often seen with professional athletes as well as fitness junkies but CBD might just be the answer to relieving some of those pains and aches.  Chronic pain is the most common reason for medicinal cannabis use and CBD as a non-psychoactive compound gained quick popularity especially with users trying to avoid adverse effects of standard medication. CBD is not addictive which makes it a perfect companion to help with pain management.

Time and time again as with many CBD benefits the science still didn’t catch up and more studies are needed in all of these fields but as long as your doctor or health care professional gives you green light you can lean on this natural remedy to provide much needed relief.

  • Better performance

Who wouldn’t want a supplement that can better performance and boost results, right? The fact is there is no magic stick to put a spell on your workout. Hard work, dedication and persistence is ultimately what gives results but if CBD can support that why not give it a go.

CBD can affect body homeostasis in a optimizing way where you can see stamina and energy levels improved, breathing is well-regulated and anti-inflammatory properties keep muscle cramps-free while balancing dopamine to promote smooth movement with less tension.

  • Advil alternative

Taking an Advil of ibuprofen pill after a strenuous workout is fairly common with athletes and gym rats. Although it might be helpful long-term it might not promote best health and fitness. CBD as a natural resource could be a better choice as a relief for minor pains. As mentioned it can speed up recovery and decrease stress levels and help muscle relaxation.

CBD is also available in form of capsules and that makes it by far the most convenient way to use as it can simply replace some of the harsher synthetic  pills commonly spread. On this site we already wrote about the importance of right dosage and how to find what type of CBD product in what dosage can work best for you.

How to properly dosage CBD oil for best results

I’m still not convinced

In an oversaturated industry it’s easy to get lost in the abundance of information and advice. Everyone is looking for that next thing that will take them to the next level of health, fitness and well being. You are the only one who can answer if CBD is the right choice for your workout regimen. Numerous benefits linked to usage of CBD oil, some backed by studies some not yet, indicate that there is something in this Cannabis compound that could push you in the right direction. The best way would definitely be to try it out on your own and see how it affects your body and performance.

Material provided above is for educational purposes only. It does not replace advice or counsel of a doctor or health care professional. Before trying any new medication or supplementation you should consult your doctor or health care professional.

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